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Hajia4Reall’s ankle monitor removed due to leg pains, sentencing date adjourned


12 days ago
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Hajia4Reall's ankle monitor, which had been a constant reminder of the restrictions she faced during her trial, has reportedly been removed.

This development followed a plea from her legal representative, Eleana Fast of 'The Fast Law Firm', to the court for its temporary removal to facilitate an MRI scan.

In a letter addressed to the court, Fast respectfully requested the modification of Ms. Mona Montrage's pre-trial conditions to allow for the removal of her ankle monitor for an MRI scan.

The request was made due to pain experienced in her left ankle, with her doctor recommending the scan. A supporting medical documentation was provided along with the request.

“I am an attorney of record for Ms. Mona Montrage on the above-mentioned case. I am writing to respectfully request that Ms Montrage’s pre-trial conditions be modified to allow for the temporal removal of her ankle monitor to allow her to have an MRI done. Ms. Montrage has been experiencing pain in her left ankle and her doctor has recommended the scan.

“If so authorized by the court, Ms Montrage is scheduled for the MRI on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, at 8 am at 574 Springfield Avenue, Westfield New Jersey 07090. I have also provided the supporting Medical documentation,” the statement added.

Subsequently, Hajia4Reall's legal team's request was granted, resulting in the removal of her ankle monitor on the same day.

In a subsequent development, just five days prior to Hajia4Reall's scheduled sentencing, her legal team wrote another letter to the court, requesting a two-week adjournment for the sentencing.

The letter, co-signed by Eleana Fast, Esq., outlined the need for additional time to gather necessary documents for the defense's sentencing submission.

This included outstanding letters of support and a letter from Ms. Montrage's immigration attorney regarding potential immigration consequences resulting from her conviction.

After confirming with the United States Attorney and Steiner, who raised no objections, the defense proposed June 19 or June 24–28 as alternative sentencing dates.

“I along with Eleana Fast esq, represent Mona Montrage on the above-captioned matter, we respectfully write to the court to request that the scheduled sentencing date be adjourned for two weeks. The defense is respectfully seeking an adjournment as despite our diligent efforts, there are still some materials outstanding that are needed for the defense sentencing submission.

"Specifically, we have a number of letters to support that are still outstanding. Additionally, we are waiting for a letter from Ms. Montrage’s immigration attorney, regarding the potential immigration consequences that Ms Montrage may suffer as a result of her conviction.

“We have confirmed with the United States Attorney and Steiner and they have no objections. The party is available for sentencing on June 19 or June 24 – June 28 if it pleases the court,” the letter read.

The judge granted the request the following day, rescheduling Hajia4Reall's sentencing for June 28, 2024.

Hajia4Reall pleaded guilty to count 5 (Conspiracy to receive stolen money)

Out of the seven counts or charges she has been hit with, Hajia4Reall pleaded guilty to the ‘Conspiracy to receive stolen money.’

Mona Faiz Montrage’s six other charges are the ‘Attempt and conspiracy to commit wire fraud’, ‘Fraud by wire, radio or television’, ‘Money laundering, fraud and other conspiracies’, ‘Money laundering, fraud, and others’, ‘Sale or receipt of stolen goods, securities money’ and ‘Felony’.

However, count 5 exposes Hajia4Reall to a maximum of five years imprisonment.

“Montrage, 31, of Accra. Pled guilty to one count of conspiring to receive stolen money, which carries a maximum sentence of five years,” a statement from the US magistrate court read.

Per the US Constitution, count 5 (considered a felony) is a crime punishable by a term of imprisonment of one year or more.

Court grants Hajia4Reall the option of surrendering her valued properties for payment

After agreeing to repay the stolen monies totalled $2,164,758.41, the court under count 5, granted Hajia4Reall the option of filling in the payments with her properties valued at the said amount.

How Hajia4Reall took over US$2 million from 6 victims using 5 bank accounts

Hajia4Reall allegedly took over US$ 2 million from 6 victims using 5 bank accounts.

Investigations revealed that she maintained five foreign bank accounts in which she accumulated money obtained from six victims.

The socialite illicitly established five bank accounts using fictitious business entities across three distinct banks in the Bronx, New York.

The accounts, designated as 'Montrage Accounts' and sequentially numbered from Account 1 to Account 5, reportedly accumulated deposits amounting to $2,165,000 from victims.

source: Ghanaweb