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NLA partners with European lottery officials on responsible gaming training

Local News

16 days ago
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The Legal Advisor to the European Lotteries (EL), Mr. Phillipe Vlaemminck, is urging governments worldwide that tax lottery winners to reconsider this practice, as it becomes counterproductive and prevents patrons from finding the game attractive.

Mr Vlaemminck, who is in Ghana with his colleague, Ms. Beata Guzik, EL Public Affairs Director, was speaking at a training session held by the National Lottery Authority for its management, Lotto Marketing Companies (LMCs), Private Lottery Operators (PLOs) and Third-party collaborators.

The trainers, with their wealth of knowledge and expertise in lottery operations and regulation, covered an extensive array of topics, ensuring a deep and comprehensive understanding of the gaming industry, from the Role of Lotteries to Responsible Gaming, the Fight Against Illegal Lotteries, Global Lottery Trends, the Legal Framework in the European Union, Anti-Money Laundering, AI and New Technologies, The World Lottery Market, and the Types of Multi-Jurisdictional Games.