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Ambulance case: How Dame lured 3rd accused to get excuse duty to delay case so he can travel - Secret Tape


20 days ago
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In a new development in the ongoing ambulance case, a secret tape has surfaced allegedly featuring Attorney General Godfred Dame instructing Richard Jakpa, the third accused, to obtain an excuse duty to delay the proceedings.

In the recording, Mr Dame purportedly advises Mr Jakpa to use the delay to facilitate his travel plans, raising significant concerns about potential interference in the judicial process.

The tape, which has been circulating widely, captures Mr Dame suggesting that Jakpa manipulated the court's schedule to his advantage.

Dame in audio: "And then, even next week, the whole of next week, I'll not be around. Yes, I will be off. If you finish next week, I would appreciate it."

Jakpa retorted: "Oh, no, no. I'll not finish next week. I don't think I'll be able to finish because the documents are many. So, you will surely go and come and meet me. But that will also depend upon the judge's behaviour."

Mr Dame again: "You can bring one of the medical experts next week."

This revelation has added a new layer of controversy to the case, which already involves serious allegations against high-profile individuals, including Dr. Ato Forson, the former Deputy Finance Minister and current Minority Leader.

The leaked tape has prompted calls for an independent investigation to verify its authenticity and to understand the context of the conversation. Legal experts and civil society groups have expressed alarm over the potential misuse of power and the implications for the integrity of Ghana's legal system. They emphasize the need for transparency and accountability, urging the authorities to address the issue promptly to maintain public trust in the judiciary.

In response to the leaked tape, Attorney General Godfred Dame has denied any misconduct, asserting that the conversation has been taken out of context.

He maintains that his actions have always been guided by legal principles and that he remains committed to ensuring a fair and just trial.

source: Theannouncergh.com