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Popular Ghanaian soldier relocates to the USA for better life

Local News

28 days ago
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Raymond Kwaku, a Ghanaian military officer who gained widespread fame for his unique body features, has confirmed his resignation from the Ghana Armed Forces.

Amid the ongoing phenomenon of some Ghanaians relocating abroad to seek greener pastures, videos emerged of the popular military officer in the United States of America.

These videos sparked allegations that Raymond Kwaku might have absconded after misconducting himself as an officer of the Ghana Armed Forces.

However, in an interview with Poleeno Media, Raymond Kwaku confirmed that he has relocated from Ghana to the United States of America to "better my life."

He stated that he served dutifully as an officer of the Ghana Armed Forces and officially resigned before embarking on the trip.

Raymond Kwaku disclosed that, contrary to the rumours, he did not engage in any misconduct and maintains a clean record as an officer.

He believes that the relocation to the United States of America will help him achieve his ambitions, which, among other things, include becoming a lawyer.

"There have been speculations that I ran away from the Ghana Armed Forces and did not resign. I want to clarify that those reports are not true. I officially resigned from the Ghana Armed Forces. I didn't engage in any wrongdoing that compelled me to resign. I decided to resign and take up a new life that will make 

source: Theannouncergh.com