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I will NEVER be a Christian again! - Pappy Kojo


Pappy Kojo

1 months ago
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Ghanaian musician Pappy Kojo says he is not interested in anything related to Jesus Christ even if he is paid for it.

According to him, his view about Christianity changed when growing up.

"I was a devout Christian a while back, but not anymore. Now, I couldn't be a Christian even if you paid me. I'm sorry,"

“I grew up. I just realized that the same things are not reality anymore. There's a difference between Christianity and reality. And I just realized that this is real life; they aren't the same thing. Maybe it was cool when I was young, but as you grow up, you just know there's a difference.”

"Miracles too was another thing I always doubted. I always heard about miracles here and there, but I have never seen anyone do miracles,"  He disclosed this on the "If More, Let's Divide" podcast.

source: Theannouncergh.com