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How former HR manager and receptionist girlfriend ‘plotted’ to kill Royal Cosy Hills Hotel owner

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owner of Royal Cosy Hills Hotel, widely known as Jirapa Dubai.

2 months ago
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According to a report by Ghanaweb - the police have revealed details in the case of the murder of Mr Eric Johnson, the owner of Royal Cosy Hills Hotel, widely known as Jirapa Dubai.

Chief Superintendent of Police Abdulai Amadu Alichewu, the prime suspect in the case is Eliasah Mahama Akpanyikye, who was previously the Human Resource manager at the hotel.

Akpanyikye, along with his lover Belinda Miller, a receptionist at the hotel, is accused of conspiring to end Mr. Johnson's life.

Addressing the Wa District Court on Wednesday, March 13, 2023, the prosecution said it has uncovered compelling evidence implicating Akpanyikye, Miller, and a third suspect, Kweku Kumbata, in the homicide.

While four others were discharged and acquitted, these three individuals are standing trial.

In presenting the facts before the court, the prosecutor alleged that Akpanyikye unlawfully entered Mr Johnson's residence on February 10, scaling a fortified fence with a ladder.

The prosecutor noted that phone records showed numerous calls made to Miller, seeking information on accessing Johnson's room.

Johnson was later found stabbed multiple times in his room, with his belongings, including money and a car key, taken by the assailant.

The prosecution also highlighted Akpanyikye's suspicious behaviour, including conflicting accounts of an injury he sustained. Despite claiming it was a kitchen accident, evidence suggests otherwise.

The prosecution said Akpanyikye, after allegedly committing the crime, fled Jirapa but was apprehended in Takoradi and brought back to face justice.

The court heard that Mr Akpanyikye was the former human resource manager of the hotel and was sacked on February 9, along with his girlfriend, who was a front desk officer at the facility and four others.

He was sacked for allegedly having multiple sexual relationships with more than four female employees of the hotel, which resulted in fighting and unhealthy rivalry among the female workers, thereby impeding work at the hotel.

The hotel management later rescinded the decision to sack 26-year-old Belinda Miller who is a national service person.

Chief Superintendent Amadu Alichewu emphasized the prosecution's commitment to pursuing justice, collaborating closely with the Office of the Attorney General to expedite investigations.

The court presided over by Maxwell Maxbrain Titiriku remanded Akpanyikye to prison custody while Miller and the third suspect were to remain in police custody pending further proceedings on April 15th.

source: Ghanaweb.com