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Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill: Dr. Abu Sakara rubbishes foreign pressure


Dr. Abu Sakara Foster

2 months ago
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In a direct response to the threat posed by the US Ambassador to Ghana, Dr. Abu Sakara Foster, former Presidential Flagbearer for the CPP and Founder of the National Interest Movement (NIM), has issued a resolute call for the withdrawal of aid and military cooperation. 

This firm stance comes in light of recent attempts to leverage aid against Ghana’s sovereign decision-making, particularly regarding the LGBTQ bill.

Dr. Sakara Foster staunchly advocates for a Ghanaian development trajectory free from external influence, emphasizing the importance of shaping Ghana’s future in accordance with its own values and aspirations. He rejects any imposition of Western values, highlighting the disparity in treatment between Ghana and other nations on LGBTQ issues.

Furthermore, Dr. Sakara Foster warns against succumbing to pressure from foreign entities, stressing that acquiescence would only undermine Ghana’s sovereignty and perpetuate a cycle of dependency. He cautions that if the President of Ghana caves into this pressure, it would serve as one more reason to vote out his NPP party in 2024, cementing a legacy of ignominious defeat.

Despite these challenges, Dr. Sakara Foster remains steadfast in his belief that Ghana can maintain friendly relations with the United States and other nations while asserting its independence and autonomy. His message underscores the importance of mutual respect and cooperation among nations, grounded in principles of sovereignty and self-determination.

As Ghana navigates the complexities of international relations, Dr. Sakara Foster’s resolute stance serves as a rallying cry for upholding Ghana’s sovereignty and fostering genuine partnerships built on respect and mutual benefit.

source: Theannouncergh.com