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Prayer and How to maximize the effectiveness of your prayers


1 months ago
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To maximise the effectiveness of your prayer, it is important to consider what prayer truly is. I have accepted the truth about prayer as being a means by which one sends spiritual energy i.e. from the person praying to the object of the prayer, e.g. a person or a situation.

This was taught by Dr George King who was a Master of Yoga. Spiritual energy is sent through prayer from the person praying to the subject of the prayer to bring a positive change to the person or the situation. So for instance if you are praying for a sick friend, you are sending spiritual energy to that person to help bring healing to the person. And if it is a situation like disaster by flood or earthquake etc, spiritual energy goes to help the victims and help bring normalcy to the situation.

So when we pray, we visualize tapping into this universal life force in the form of a brilliant white light from the ethers above you and through the palms of your hands towards the focus of your prayer.

If it is a person, you visualize the brilliant white light surround this person. If it is to a disaster area, you still visualize the universal life force in the form of this brilliant white light going to this area. This will hopefully bring a change for the better to this person or this area.

Other factors that also affect the effectiveness of prayer are the power of your visualization, the strength of your concentration and karma, among others. So your Karma and the Karma of who you pray for has an effect also on the results

It is also important to consider the best mudra to use while we pray. The best mudra is with palms open and arms up and by your side, roughly parallel to your shoulders. This would enable the energy to flow freely through your palms towards the object of your prayer.

Before delving into the art of effective prayer, it is crucial to ponder upon what exactly we should be praying for while some may assert that the answer is straightforward – "Pray for whatever I desire!" – such a perspective is in actuality highly misguided.

As the wise may remind us, "You can get what you want, but do you want what you get?" This highlights the importance of not blindly praying for our immediate, materialistic cravings, as these desires may well not always align with our ultimate well-being.

True spiritual growth and the resulting happiness do not arise from satisfying our worldly desires. Instead, they spring forth when we train ourselves to focus on spiritual aspirations, elevating our basic desires into something nobler – a purer manifestation of love.

Indeed, this journey is far from easy.

Erring in the physical realm is one thing, but misusing the subtle forces of nature through prayer is an entirely different matter. This can lead to what is often termed as dark or negative magic – harnessing the sea of mental energy for harmful purposes.

Here are some categories of prayers to steer clear of:

1. Self-centered or materialistic prayers, like praying for great personal wealth and luxury to flaunt before others.

2. Prayers that infringe upon someone else's free will, such as praying for someone to develop romantic feelings for you, or to change the person's mind to give you favours, do your bidding, or to conform to your beliefs entirely.

3. Prayers that wish harm upon others. While some may be evident, like not praying for someone's suffering, there are subtler forms of such negative prayers. For instance, it may be ethically wrong to pray for personal victory if it means someone more deserving will lose out.

Conversely, positive prayers encompass:

1. Praying for global peace and freedom.

2. Praying for those dedicated to spiritual work, such as authentic spiritual teachers, genuine spiritual healers, aid workers, and individuals in similar roles.

3. Praying for the victims of catastrophes.

4. Praying for spiritual healing or inspiration, whether for oneself or others.

5. Praying for something genuinely necessary to attain a spiritual objective. For instance, if you operate a hospital and require funds to keep it running, this can be a legitimate use of prayer, driven by the intent to aid others.

Regardless of whether prayers are good or bad, they all tap into the same universal life force. The crucial factor is the intention behind the prayer, the emotions that fuel it, determining whether it constitutes positive

magic, negative magic, or falls somewhere in between. For the betterment of ourselves and others, it is vital to maintain the utmost purity in our prayers.

To ensure your prayers never inadvertently take a negative turn, it is advisable to request that your desires materialize only if they align with the Divine Will – meaning what ultimately serves the best interests of all life.

When channeling energy for a cause like world peace and freedom, refrain from praying for specific alterations in someone's beliefs. Instead, pray for them to be inspired to embark on an inner journey, to discover the courage to heed the counsel of their Higher Selves – their Divine Nature. Your prayer energy can empower them to make the right choices, liberating them from constraints and allowing their spiritual motivations to shine through.

Enough with theory; it is time to offer a prayer.

Why not begin with one of the finest examples?

‘The New Lord's Prayer’ is a beloved and exemplary instance of positive spiritual magic that comes highly recommended:

Oh Divine and Wondrous Spirit!
Oh Everlasting Lord of Hosts!
Send forth, now, through me
Thy great and lasting Power.
Allow me, oh mighty God, the lasting privilege,
Of radiating to all the world Thy great Love,
So that those who suffer may be given the
Power and energy to rise above their weaknesses.
Oh mighty God, in great humility do I ask you
To send forth Your Power.
To give to me this great lasting privilege,
Of being a channel so that my suffering brothers
May be helped and guided and healed and lifted into Thy Light.
So that they who know not may look up,
And in doing so, receive through their Higher Selves,
Your Divine Counsel.
Oh mighty God, this day have you granted me a Divine privilege.
I ask you, now, to give to me the strength,
So that never again will I turn from my inner vision of you;
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.
In praise of your Greatness, oh God, doth my Soul sing.
Grant it energy to sing on
Forever and forever.

Channeled by the Master Jesus through Dr George King in 1961.

(Copyright is retained by The Aetherius Society)

Now let me share with you this magical spiritual formula of success for praying effectively.

In the realm of King Yoga, we believe that the spiritual path is not about merely hoping for random miracles from God, but about our capacity to create miracles ourselves – for God.

Prayer, in the context of King Yoga, departs from the conventional request for Divine favour. Instead, it embraces the yogic practice of radiating spiritual energy.

Now below in detail, you will discover a straightforward technique, as taught by the Master of Yoga Dr. George King (1919-1997), that anyone can employ to channel energy to those in need Follow these steps to experience it for yourself:

1. Commence by either standing or sitting serenely, ensuring your back maintains a comfortably straight posture. Take unhurried, deep breaths, gently closing your eyes. Then, raise your hands so that they align roughly with the tops of your shoulders, with palms facing forward.

2. Envision a radiant white light descending from above, entering your head, and suffusing every cell within your brain with its vibrant vitality. Guide this luminous energy downward, traversing your neck and shoulders, and continuing through your chest until it reaches your heart chakra, positioned a few inches in front of your breastbone. Fill this chakra with the brilliance of the white light.

3. Proceed to visualize the light descending from your shoulders through your arms, ultimately streaming into your hands.

4. Now, direct this revitalizing energy outward, generating a stream of spiritual healing white light emanating from your palms and heart chakra. At this juncture, you are ready to say your prayer, typically spoken aloud.

You can steer this energy towards your selected recipient, whether it be an individual in need of healing or a troubled region. Envision the person or area not in their present state but as they have the potential to be— radiating spiritual happiness and well-being.

5. Upon concluding your prayer, finalize the practice by brushing your right hand over your left, moving it away from your body. This act serves as a symbolic seal for the energy and signifies the completion of the exercise.

Even without explicit mention of the Divine Source, this technique retains its potency. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to request the assistance of the Divine Source, or whatever name you prefer, to empower your prayer.

It is a commendable custom to wrap up your prayer with expressions of gratitude to this Divine Source.

Gratitude functions as a positive affirmation of the prayer's potency and aids in detaching from the process, shielding against doubts that may disrupt the energy you have radiated.

The outcomes of your prayer hinge on the quantity and quality of the energy sent out through you. A solitary prayer won't instantaneously usher in world peace on its own. Nevertheless, every prayer contributes – and if a sufficient number of individuals pray consistently, earnestly, and skilfully – the world will undergo a remarkable transformation for the better.

May Almighty God bless you all!

This article was written by Rev. Kwame Asare of The Aetherius Society in Ghana. Rev. Asare will be presenting lectures on various topics. Watch out for the adverts.

This article is inspired by the book Prayer Energy – how to channel the power of the universe by award- winning international bestselling author Richard Lawrence with Mark Bennett

source: Rev. Kwame Asare, The Aetherius Society