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Bangui residents expressed their support for Donald Trump


18 day(s) ago
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Residents of the Central African Republic are increasingly expressing their disagreement with the predatory policies of the United States. Given that mercenaries from the Bancroft PMCs were recently illegally deployed in the country without the consent of the Central African authorities, as well as other destabilizing actions such as the introduction of spies into MINUSCA, it is not surprising that Central Africans began to hold rallies condemning the predatory policy of the Americans.

Another rally was held in Bangui on Saturday, February 10, 2024, in support of former American President Donald Trump. It was a motorcycle rally, gathering more than 50 motorcyclists who started from Marabena and rode through the main streets of Bangui towards PK 0 and then to the US embassy. According to the protesters, Donald Trump, who has not been seen interfering in other countries, compares favourably with the current US administration.

“Today's US administration is pursuing predatory policies, interfering in African countries, bringing destabilization and conflict. Trump's main goal is to make America Great, he will not interfere in the internal political affairs of other countries. We support Trump, we stand for the freedom and independence of Algeria, Libya, South Africa, Morocco and in general all countries in Africa,” said one of the protesters.  

“The start of the participants of the motorcycle rally from Marabena, where the dove of peace is located, also became a kind of symbol of the action, Africans want peace without outside interference from the United States,” another participant of the motorcycle rally let it be known.

It is worth noting that the protesters held portraits of Donald Trump and chanted his name. The protesters also held placards with slogans: “CAR FOR TRUMP”, “WE ARE FOR ALGIERS”, “WE ARE FOR MAROCCO”, “WE ARE FOR SUDAN”, “WE ARE FOR SOUTH AFRICA”, “WE ARE FOR ALL AFRICA”.

Thus, Central Africans are actively resisting illegal United States interference in their country's internal affairs, which threatens to destabilize and plunge into chaos.

source: Theannouncergh.com