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American Bible University honours Oseadeeyo Nana Kumi Kodie I with a doctorate

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4 months ago
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American Bible University, located in Houston, USA, recently recognized the exceptional leadership qualities, humanitarian efforts, and divine activities of Oseadeeyo Nana Kumi Kodie I, the President and Founder of DADABA GROUP and Development Chief in Akyem Osiem.

The renowned philanthropist is known for his contributions and support to the needy through his NGO, the DADABA FOUNDATION.

One of the notable initiatives of Nana Kodie is providing monthly stipends to orphans and widows above 60 years old in Akyem Osiem. This act of kindness has brought smiles to the faces of many in need.

The American Bible University took notice of Nana Kodie's selflessness and decided to honour him along with other distinguished personalities who have made significant contributions through their respective ministries.

During the ceremony, the President of the American Bible University, a retired Army Captain Chaplain, emphasized the importance of integrity in leadership positions.

He also encouraged leaders to serve as role models and demonstrate integrity in every aspect of their work, as it plays a crucial role in shaping society.

Dr. Olayinka Olubunmi-Williams, another prominent figure at the event, advised the graduates and the general public to uphold integrity in all aspects of their lives. He challenged them to embrace the values and virtues associated with this human quality, emphasizing its significance.

Nana Kumi Kodie on his part expressed his gratitude to the American Bible University for the honor bestowed upon him. He also expressed his appreciation to the dedicated team at the Dadaba Foundation, who stood tirelessly alongside him in his humanitarian endeavors.

The American Bible University, together with its affiliates in Ghana, annually recognizes students who have excelled in their religious educational disciplines.

The university awards associate certificates as well as honorary doctorates, degrees in divinity, doctorate degrees in theology, master's degrees in theology and counseling, and bachelor's degrees, among others.

In conclusion, the recognition of Oseadeeyo Nana Kumi Kodie I by the American Bible University is a testament to his exceptional leadership qualities, humanitarian services, and divine activities.

It serves as an inspiration for others to follow his example and demonstrates the importance of integrity in shaping society. Nana Kodie's efforts to bring joy to the lives of the needy through the Dadaba Foundation are truly commendable, and we applaud the American Bible University for acknowledging his contributions.

source: Theannouncergh.com