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Ameyaw Adu Gyamfi writes: Sonnie Badu’s crutches brouhaha; I believe him!


Sonnie Badu

2 month(s) ago
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I  have personally abstained from commenting on SONNIE BADU’s injury and his energetic performance at his “Rhythms of Africa” concert over the weekend. 
Many people are confused asking how he could reject his crutches ? and be jumping and dancing on stage giving the impression that he lied about his injury or it may be SETTINGS nkoaaa…

Following social media commentaries, I can understand the disbelief and doubts. 

I decided before I comment, that I have to listen to Sonnie’s side of the story and I watched his live feed today with him addressing the issue. 

Now, here’s my conclusion: 

I believe Sonnie Badu. I believe he was injured. I believe the crutches were to aid him in ensuring his speedy recovery and the fact that he took everyone by surprise by abandoning it was a bold move. 

However, he is not the only one in this boat. I believe Sonnie Badu because I know of a man with his kinda spirit called Abeiku Santana who I have personally witnessed countless times he has been wounded/injured or extremely tired or sick but will come on air or go about his business like he isn’t the one who was injured or sick.

I remember some time ago, Abeiku Santana was involved in a motorcycle accident right in front of me and he was so wounded that I had to offer him “Ghana balm” to assuage his pains. 

I thought this man would relax from the accident but I saw this same person, in his pains, the following day at Takoradi energetically joining their masquerade parades and I was like “Wow, like seriously; CAPO!” 

I was astounded because I had offered him my one pesewa advice to take some days off to just relax and although I wasn’t shocked to see him go about his business like nobody’s business because I know the hardworking and very optimistic person he is I, at least, expected him to just relax on this one. 

I also remember myself, Ameyaw, some day that I was so injured as my toe nail had ripped off and it was extremely painful but I went to church and the praises were so loud that I couldn’t help but dance my heart off. 

I paid the price though as some people innocently stepped on my injured toe and all the time, I ignored the pain till I danced freely after the dancing ended, I came back feeling the pain and then asked myself, was it even worth it but who cares????

Again, footballers get injured and they receive injections just to finish their game. 

Sonnie Badu decided to finish his game without letting the world see his pains on stage and if we can relax our negative criticisms a little bit, we would appreciate a man who wanted to give off his best even amid pain. 

Sometimes, let’s take some lessons from the way people react to life and Sonnie’s situation is a good example of determination and perseverance; a trait that we all have to bear! 

Thank you!!

source: Ameyaw Adu Gyamfi