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Influencers unite for Guinness Ghana's hangout ahead of Guinness Accravaganza


Influencers unite for Guinness Ghana's hangout ahead of Guinness Accravaganza

8 months ago
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As Accra eagerly awaits the debut edition of Guinness Accravaganza, an event dedicated to exploring the creative heartbeat of Accra, Guinness Ghana hosted an Influencer Soiree, a dazzling prelude to set the stage.

Accra's social scene was set ablaze as young creatives and influencers gathered under the shimmering city lights for the exclusive Guinness Accravaganza Influencer Soiree. This was an exceptional night of elegance, creativity and an immense experience, held at the Jamestown Coffee Roasters, bringing together niche influencers and creatives who have creativity at heart.

The night began with an air of excitement as attendees, dressed in the different shades of black, walked down the carpet, striking poses that would make any fashion magazine editor proud. Accra's favourite influencers, dancers, creatives, and trendsetters mingled, setting the stage for an unforgettable night.

The Influencer Soiree was a celebration of the young, vibrant, creativity, and the power of influencers. The event showcased the fusion of the various passion points of the Guinness brand itself.

The Guinness Accravaganza Influencer Soiree was a night to remember, leaving attendees buzzing with excitement for the main event on September 30th. Accra's creatives and influencers have a lot to look forward to as they prepare for an immersive experience that promises to showcase the brightest shades of black in the world of Guinness. 

The countdown to the Guinness Accravaganza has officially begun and it promises a blend of experiences like no other; live music performances by Ghanaian favourites, curated food services to pair with Guinness FES, immersive live art and creative displays, a celebration of innovative fashion trends and styles, and fun football engagements. 

Stay tuned for more surprises during the Guinness Accravaganza. Black will shine brightest.

source: Theannouncergh.com