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Newage Agric solutions launches sharp sharp hybrid seeds

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6 month(s) ago
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Newage Agric Solutions has unveiled its latest breakthrough – the Champion Sharp Sharp hybrid maize seeds. These cutting-edge seeds are poised to redefine farming practices and usher in a new era of productivity and sustainability.

The unveiling of the hybrid maize seeds, farmers had the opportunity to witness firsthand the astonishing potential of these innovative seeds. With their distinct varieties, these hybrid maize seeds promise to not only enhance yields but also contribute significantly to the advancement of sustainable farming practices.

At the core of Newage Agric Solutions’ mission lies a commitment to empowering local farming communities with top-quality, high-yielding maize seeds. By introducing the ‘Champion Sharp Sharp’ hybrid maize seeds, the company aims to address the challenges of food security and agricultural sustainability head-on.

The hybrid maize seeds have been meticulously developed through cutting-edge research and advanced agricultural techniques, resulting in a product that combines the best traits of different maize varieties. This fusion of genetic excellence ensures resistance to pests and diseases while maximizing yield potential, even in varying climatic conditions.

The General Manager of NewAge Agric Solutions Limited, Martin Tettey Nartey told JoyNews this mean there is the commercialisation of seeds in the country which will enhance the food sovereignty of the country.

“This will result in making good steps towards food sovereignty since quality seeds can now be sourced locally thereby creating jobs for local seed producers. There will also be reduction in seed imports thereby reducing the pressure on the country’s forex.

“Minimising the impact on potential food security due to the control of seed production for a stable like maize,” he explained.

In an era where environmental concerns and resource scarcity are becoming increasingly critical, Newage Agric Solutions stands as a beacon of responsible innovation. By embracing the ‘Champion Sharp Sharp’ hybrid maize seeds, farmers can contribute to conserving natural resources, reducing chemical inputs, and promoting sustainable land management practices.

“These are hybrid seeds which are early maturing (90 days production period), tolerant to drought and other common maize diseases like maize streak. And the seeds are also high yielding comparable to the likes of the imported ones.

“This launch represents a significant step forward in our ongoing commitment to transforming agriculture into a more sustainable and efficient industry. We invite all farmers and enthusiasts to join us in cultivating a future where excellence and sustainability go hand in hand, one seed at a time,” Mr Nartey explained.

As the agricultural landscape in Ghana continues to evolve, Newage Agric Solutions remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

“Farmers are being presented with the opportunity to get very good yields from their maize production from the maize piece of lands similar to the yields of the imported varieties. The best part of this variety is, farmers will get this seed at a fraction of the price of the imported, he added.

Farmers, agricultural experts, and stakeholders alike are encouraged to explore the possibilities presented by these groundbreaking hybrid maize seeds.


source: Theannouncergh.com