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Dr. Bawumia Is Like 'Jesus' - Kwamena Duncan Extols Ghana's Vice President


Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President of Ghana

11 months ago
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Kwamena Duncan has likened the character of Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to that of Jesus Christ, the leader of Christians in the world.

In a meeting with New Patriotic Party faithful during his campaign tour in the Ashanti Region, the Vice President emphasized the importance of maintaining a clean and respectful campaign as the party's presidential race intensifies.

He stressed unity is key for the party to win the 2024 elections, reminding the party of their "main enemy" which is the National Democratic Congress.

"I have instructed all my supporters and spokespersons that we must conduct a clean campaign, avoiding any form of insults. We are one family, and we must remain united. Once the contest concludes, we will come together as a cohesive force to ensure the NDC does not return to power," he said.

The former Central Regional Minister, addressing Dr. Bawumia's admonition to his aides and Spokespersons not to respond to attacks on his personality, hailed him saying he exhibits what he termed "Jesus-like" attitude.

"That is the nature. That is the character of the man we are following and supporting. He is a good man," he stressed during Peace FM's "Kokrokoo" show Wednesday morning.

Kwamena Duncan believed Dr. Bawumia is the leader Ghana needs, asserting his character is sublime.

"What a character? What is it? What more do you want to see in a leader?...What else do you want to see in a leader?", he asked.

source: theannouncergh.com