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You sexually cheated on your wife...MAN UP! Tell the truth!! - Mr. Logic replies Adjetey Anang


Mr. Logic

10 months ago
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Mr. Logic has asked actor Adjetey Anang to man up and accept his fault for cheating on his wife.

According to Mr. Logic, the actor is finding it difficult to accept he indeed had sexual intercourse with another woman while he was married because of his holier-than-thou attitude.

Adjetey Anang recently lauched his memoir and revealed his infidelity.

“I have been in very compromising situations with ladies,” he wrote, admitting that “yes, I have cheated on my wife before in the various forms that cheating could be defined as, both emotionally and physically”.

But the actor, in an interview after launching his book, has clarified his cheating had nothing to do with sex but a hug he gave to lady.

This, he said, to disabuse the minds of his readers and Ghanaians that he had extramarital affairs but this explanation isn't sinking well with Mr. Logic who believes the actor isn't being truthful.

"Adjetey Anang has been dismembered in the association of cheating men. His apology must not be accepted by the wife", he said while speaking on UTV's entertainment show on Saturday.

He advised the beloved actor, known for his role in "Things We Do For Love" soap opera, to stop acting boyish and "man up!...He should stop playing the man of God character and accept that I cheated, I apologize; that's it!!"

Mr. Logic also saw Adjetey Anang's confession to his wife as a wrong move, saying "when you cheat, don't come out and say it. Change; be a changed man for your wife".


source: theannouncergh.com