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Standard Chartered continues to support the drive for Diversity and Inclusion

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11 months ago
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In 2014, the United Nations General Assembly established June 13 as the International Albinism Awareness Day to create awareness and inclusion of Persons with Albinism (PWAs) to prevent the attacks and discrimination against PWAs. Albinism is a genetic condition characterised by a lack of pigment in the hair, skin and eyes. If affects people of all ethnic backgrounds around the world.

The day provides an opportunity to educate the public about albinism, challenge stereotypes and advocate for the rights and wellbeing of individuals with albinism. It is also a day to celebrate the achievements and contribution of people with albinism in various fields

Standard Chartered with the support of the Diversity and Inclusion Disability, Wellness and Mental Health Employee Network joined Engage Now Africa and the Ghana Association of Persons with Albinism in celebrating the day in Accra.

This year’s celebration was under the theme “Inclusion is strength” and it also marked the 20th anniversary of the Ghana Association of Persons with Albinism (GAPA). The speakers at event underscored the need to increase awareness about albinism and highlight the effects of discrimination persons with Albinism go through daily. Representatives from the Ministry of Gender and Social Protection, The Ghana Health Service, Ghana Education Service, United Nations, the Ghana Federation for Disabled Organizations (GFD) as well as traditional authorities were all in attendance.  

The event also focused on the risk factors of albinism which includes poor vision and skin cancers. Standard Chartered with the support of Operation Eyesight Universal held an eye screening session for all participants. 50 individuals including women and children were screened, with recommendations given for further tests to those who require it. The attendees were each provided with special eye- glasses to help reduce the effect of the sun’s rays on their eyes.


source: Theannouncergh.com