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Tell Yvonne Nelson to stop fooling – Counsellor Lutterodt fires


Counsellor Lutterodt

11 months ago
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According to Ghanaweb, one of Ghana’s popular and controversial counsellors, George Lutterodt, has asserted that Yvonne Nelson is not bitter but is rather fooling around.

His utterance is in relation to the unresolved issue between the actress and her mother.

Discussing the actress’ issue about how her mother has refused to disclose her biological father to her on GHone’s Toast show, the counsellor stated that the actress has been ungrateful to her mother.

He continued to say that Yvonne Nelson had no right to disrespect her mother because, above all things, it was her mother who gave her life and saw her through some stages in her life.

Also, in his words, since the actress does not know who her father is, he believes this is the time Yvonne Nelson should cherish and appreciate her mother.

“Yvonne Nelson is not bitter; she is fooling. Quote me everywhere. You don’t bite the hands that have fed you before. She is fooling. Listen, social media will go off, friends will go off, and all the people around you will go off. The only people that will be left behind, which I call the pillar, is the family

“As we speak you don’t know your father. The only relying pillar that you [Yvonne Nelson] can rely upon is your mum and whatever she has gone through. I don’t think that in the context of what you have written, you are telling us to say thank you to the job the woman has done”, he angrily stated.

However, Counsellor Lutterodt shared that if there is any reason why Yvonne Nelson’s mother has refused to reveal the actress’ father’s identity to her, he is of the view that the woman should take such a secret to the grave.

This is because he thinks Yvonne Nelson will not be able to handle the truth when she is told who her father is.

“A daughter who has been raised in a certain with all my sweat? Look, for a woman to say I want to terminate pregnancy at six months, Girl you don’t know what she is going through. She has to protect the truth till she dies because this is not a girl that you give her such information. All the clues they gave to Yvonne, she brought it as a ridicule in her book”, he said.

Yvonne Nelson launched her memoir on June 18, 2023. Among the issues in the book were her search for her biological father she's never seen and an abortion she had in 2010.

source: Theannouncergh.com