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World raking of penis size: Ghana misses out in top 100 countries but Nigeria made it

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8 month(s) ago
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Ghana cannot be found in the World Ranking of Average Penis Size following a report compiled by worlddata.info.

In 2014, Ghana made headlines when it secured the third position in the global average penis size ranking, with an impressive average length of 17.2 centimetres.

This achievement not only sparked curiosity but also stimulated discussions about cultural perceptions and attitudes surrounding this topic.

However, the most recent data from worlddata.info reveals that Ghana is noticeably missing from the current rankings, leaving many wondering about the factors contributing to this change.

The absence of Ghana from the list suggests either a shift in the methodology used for data collection or a significant change in the reported average sizes across countries.

To shed light on the topic, worlddata.info provides a list of countries leading in average penis size, ranking Ecuador as number one, followed by Cameroon, then Bolivia, Sudan, Haiti, Senegal, Gambia, Cuba, the Netherlands, and Zambia. 

source: Ghanaweb