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Fido App is now available to iPhone users in Ghana


1 years ago
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Fido, the leading fintech company whose mission is to empower individuals and entrepreneurs to capture opportunities in Africa has launched its iOS app for iPhones users. 


The launch comes on the back of increasing demand from customers to make the app available on IOS. 


“Fido is committed to offering endless opportunities to its customers while leveraging technology in providing financial services that are inclusive, instant, and easily accessible. Launching on IOS which is the second largest mobile operating system in Ghana gives us the opportunity to empower more entrepreneurs and individuals financially,” says Fido’s CEO, Alon Eitan. 


“We are excited about this new feat as we continue to demonstrate and explore our capabilities through the use of technology to unlock access to credit and financial services,” he added. 


The IOS app, exclusively accessible in Ghana, enables iPhone users to obtain Fido loans via their device at all times. The process is entirely digital, and it does not necessitate any collateral or guarantor.


Fido has been built on advanced technology that enables customers with no financial track record to easily access financial services. By processing various data points, Fido is able to assign each customer a personal Fido Score to determine eligibility for loans.


More importantly, Fido shares the score with its customers. This empowers individuals and entrepreneurs to take control of their finances and build their own digital financial identity. Fido Score rewards smart financial behavior by enabling customers to build and maintain a digital financial track record. Customers are encouraged to improve their Fido Score by adopting smart financial habits.


Fido is already available on Google Play. Download the Fido app, register, and access up to GHS3,500 instant loans. 


About Fido:    


Fido was founded with a mission to make essential financial services available to the unbanked. Realizing that the largest hurdle to financial inclusion is lack of access to credit, the founders set out to solve that problem first. Fido has built a one-of-a-kind credit risk platform that makes instant credit decisions without requiring the customer’s credit history.


For more information visit www.fido.money

source: Theannouncergh.com