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Democracy, Cliché or a Menace?


1 years ago
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Democracy as defined and wildly practised as the norm has given little description and understanding to the concept. Many believe democracy has caused the retrogression of nations rather than improving the tolerances, development, and attitudes of people. In Ghana, we define democracy, simply as an opportunity to express your opinion on matters, in Akan, we say “ ka be ma me ka be” meaning, respect my opinion. 


But how far do this description or views serve the purpose towards achieving the ultimate? Many argue that this is just a say word rather than an active one which is more restrictive than encouraging. 


A system that urges the minority to be heard but with no input in the ultimate ideals of national development, weakening the concept of democracy as it is intended to define. 

Democracy seems and would favour the majority in the fundamental of who speaks loudest, who is seen more and who has the power. The minority, having their say does not necessarily mean representation or accepted opinion on a matter 

Has democracy become a hoot for the elite since they define and exercise the supposed intention of the phenomenon? 


Democratic as it intends to be, listening to the minority's social, political and economical views but eventually the powers that be make the ultimate decisions regardless of the views of the minority. 


Democracy is politics and politics are numbers and numbers are power. To have numbers means one has to be political, not necessarily in its context to obtain the ultimate power. 

Democracy, remains relative to a course, agenda and authority. Acknowledging the concept doesn’t define the true intention of its application in its basic sense. 


Yes, democracy has tamed us, particularly Africans to accept respect and acknowledge basic rights needed for development. 


But, democracy in the modern era transcends beyond rights, needs and development to a more advanced phenomenon of adoption and untoward change needed to improve the ways of living. The term democracy isn’t static or institutionally defined, but open to concepts and definitions, even far from its original form. 


When you think democracy, think of numbers. When you think numbers, think power. That's democracy in retrogression. 





source: Samuel Awuni