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Ghana provides an adaptable environment for digital marketers - CEO of HypeNet 


Rhoda Naa Yemoley Odo

1 years ago
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Chief Executive Officer of HypeNet Marketing Group, Rhoda Naa Yemoley Odoi, a student from Ghana who read a one-year diploma digital marketing course in the USA, has touted America’s digital marketing community as one she found difficulty understanding and adapting to.

In an interview with Rev. Erskine on Y107.9FM's YLeaderboard Series, the digital marketer stated that communication is critical in a digital marketing community that is constantly on the cutting edge of creating content and, as a result, must be able to market the brand. She stated that she was unable to study their way of life and follow suit to be able to thrive in their digital marketing community. 

"I didn’t really understand their market; you know, digital marketing is about communication because you create content; you have to understand their way of life and the way they communicate; I realized that I couldn’t fit in," she highlighted.

According to Madam Rhoda, Ghana has a more flexible market and it would be easy for her to apply what she has studied in a much better and more efficient way as compared to the United States of America. She hinted that a comment that would be taken lightly in Ghana would be taken seriously in America. 

"I realized that communication would be a big problem there, and I may cause a problem; it would take me a long time to understand," she noted.

Reminiscing about her days as a digital marketing student at Manhattan's General Assembly, where she struggled to relate to the examples given during lectures, she revealed that she was automatically prompted on how long it would take to adapt to their way of life and communication.

"Even when I was studying there, our lecturer would give us an example about Walmart, for example; if you don't know Walmart is a shopping mall, you won't even understand; so, I realized it would take me a long time to understand their system and stuff," she speculated.

source: Theannouncergh.com