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RE: Alan Kyerematen is the Chairman of the Economic Management Committee of Cabinet


1 year(s) ago
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The Alan Kyerematen campaign team has taken notice of an interview granted to Adom TV by the Hon Frank Annoh-Dompreh, stating the above as a fact. 

It would have been normal practice to ignore such a fib, however considering the high and weighty office of the Majority Chief Whip, and the bias of the current occupant for the flagbearer bid of H.E the Vice President, the propaganda and mischief value of saying Hon Alan Kyerematen chaired a nonexistent committee in a nonexistent structure is so high that the records need to be formally set straight, and it is our hope that you give this publication the necessary attention. 

First and foremost, we wish to state emphatically and for the records that there is no such ‘’animal’’ called, ‘’Economic Management Committee’’ of the Cabinet of the Republic of Ghana and it is only a figment of the imagination of the Hon MP. As a senior member of the Party and of Government, we are surprised that the Majority Chief Whip does not know the architecture of the Cabinet to make such a claim which surprised even the host of the interview. 

As a matter of setting the records straight, we challenge the Hon MP to list the members of this so-called Economic Management Committee of Cabinet to enable the media and independent Ghanaians to verify from such members, the truth or otherwise of such a wild claim.

Secondly, we challenge the Hon Majority Chief Whip to publish the mandate of such a committee of the cabinet so we can interrogate their functions compared to the role of the Economic Management Team, headed by His Excellency the Vice President of the Republic. It is unimaginable that he will suggest such duplicity of roles at the highest level of government and we need some education from him if this is indeed true.

The Hon MP further went ahead to malign Hon Yaw Buaben Asamoa, former MP for Adentan and former Director of NPP Party Communications, now Spokesperson and Director of Communications for the Alan Kyerematen Campaign, by casting untrue aspersions on his person and character and then cheekily damning him to dare to win back the Adentan Parliamentary Seat, lost to the Party in the 2020 General elections. The real question is why and how the seat was lost.

If the Hon Annoh-Dompreh is not familiar with the story of how his preferred candidate for leadership of the NPP reportedly helped invest heavily in his brother-in-law to gift an NPP-held seat to our main opponents, then he is indeed doing the High Office of Chief Whip an injustice. 

It is the business of the Chief Whip to have his finger on the pulse of the Party but his aspersions in respect of Adentan Constituency show that either he is not on top of his game or that he has deliberately blinded himself to further the interests of his preferred candidate, even if the parliamentary preferences of his candidate have been hurtful to the fortunes of the NPP.  

Now the question that begs to answer is, will Annoh-Dompreh be singing praises to his preferred candidate if he was destooled by his brother-in-law from the NDC with the tacit support of the Vice President of the land?
We wish to pray the Hon MP focuses on selling his candidate with a good message that will be bought by all delegates and Ghanaians in general than descend into personality attacks and smear campaigns.

Alan John Kwadwo ‘Aduruwoso’ Kyeremanten has presented his Great Transformational Plan (GTP) to Ghanaians and we wish all candidates to do the same for critical examination by academia, civil society organisations and indeed, all Ghanaians. This is the only way we can make our party attractive and ready to break the 8.



source: Richard Nyamah (Deputy spokesperson to Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten)