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I don’t care if you insult me but if you come after my wife and children, I’II not spare you – Sonnie Badu


1 years ago
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Negative comments about Sonnie Badu, a preacher, gospel musician, and author, do not bother him when he delves into the deep teachings of the Bible.

These were the words of the celebrated musician and writer, who has nearly 50 books to his name, when asked about his reaction to the attacks on him after he stated that pork meat was unclean and could lead to spiritual attacks.

Some social media users mocked and ridiculed Sonnie Badu after he claimed that pork meat was unclean.

While addressing his congregants, Sonnie Badu cited ‘pork meat’ as one unclean meal that attracts evil spirits.

“When the devil wants to get through to you, they must first test your spiritual appetite. The number one way through which witches invade bodies is food. Also, the bible declares that some animals are unclean. What do you think an unclean animal is? In order words, when that unclean animal is found in you spiritually, it gives the witch quick access to jump in.

“Anything that has pork, pork is unclean! Even when you go to the Chinese restaurant and they ask for your order and you say pork, they keep asking you just to be sure, because they are aware of the kind of animal you are requesting to have,” he stressed.

Some social media users slammed the preacher after the message went viral, but in an interview with Daniel Dadson on Rainbow Entertainment, Sonnie Badusaid he only speaks the mind of God and will not be moved by the negative comments.

He told the host "these things do get to me. I understand how these things play out. Anything I say is always taken out of context. Nobody calls me to find out why I made the comments. I feel these things are not right. But I understand my people, and I know that she would not spare the attackers if his wife and children were attacked and insulted for how they do their things.”

“I’m used to these things,” he said. I know my people and how they play their game," he said.

When asked what his wife and children think about the attacks on him, he said he has kept them from getting involved in the issues on social media about him.

He claims he did this to prevent people from attacking his family.

He made it clear that if his wife and children were attacked and insulted, he would not spare the attackers.

source: Ghanaweb.com