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Turkey: Two more contractors arrested over collapsed buildings


1 years ago
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Two more contractors have been arrested in Turkey on suspicion of negligence related to collapsed buildings following Monday’s devastating earthquake, media reported on Sunday. 


A contractor who was allegedly responsible for managing the construction of several collapsed buildings in the south-eastern city of Adiyaman was arrested with his wife at Istanbul airport, the DHA news agency reported. 


The two were reportedly trying to flee to Georgia with a large amount of cash. 


Turkish prosecutors are now investigating more than 130 people allegedly responsible for the collapse of buildings, according to official reports. Arrest warrants have already been issued for more than 100 people. 


Opposition politicians have said that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan shares responsibility for the disaster and accuse him of having failed to prepare the country for such a quake during his 20 years in power. 


source: GNA