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I spent GHC426,125 to enhance my body - Ayisha Modi brags


1 year(s) ago
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Socialite Ayisha Modi has disclosed that she spent over GHC426,125 (US$35,000) as estimated cost on expenses for new body.


According to herm she had a plus-sized figure and underwent weight-loss surgery, her newly acquired physique cost her between US$35,000 and US$37,000 in total, including hospice care, medicine, and her recovery period.


“My surgery cost me between US$35,000 and US$37,000 from the flight, the surgery, hospice care, post-surgery medication, post-surgery massage, supplements, and other things,” she said.


Modi said it took her six months to recover and she is required to take vitamin supplements for the rest of her life.


That is not all, to keep her new banging body, she is equally expected to take her meals in measured quantity to avoid taking more than the required calories her body needs at this time.


When asked if she had finally achieved her ideal body with the staggering sum she spent on the surgery, she said without hesitation that she had and that she would make conscious efforts to maintain it.


“I’m doing everything I can to keep this body because I adore the new Ayisha Modi. I’ve been prescribed lifetime vitamins, which I take every day to maintain my body and be fit,” she said.




source: Theannouncergh.com