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It is never too early to plan your life - Sista's watch network advises Achimota school students

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9 days ago
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On the 6th of July, 2024, Sistas Watch Network, a community-focused organization dedicated to empowering young women and girls, successfully hosted the "Girl on a Mission" event at Achimota Senior High School. 

The event aimed to educate Form 3 girls on Personal Grooming, Etiquette, and planning for success.

This was the first of 10 schools the Network plans on training for 1000 students,  100 girls in each school.

Mrs. Kay Benchi Enchill, the renowned Beauty and Grooming consultant, led an insightful session on personal grooming and etiquette, emphasizing the importance of self-presentation and interpersonal skills. 

Mary Dickson, a Business and Marketing consultant, engaged the attendees in planning for success, equipping them with practical strategies to set and achieve meaningful goals,   through a practical Vision Board creation session.

Adding a musical touch to the event was Jayana, an inspirational singer, whose soulful songs resonated with the audience, creating an atmosphere of inspiration and motivation.

Eno Akomea, the founder of Sistas Watch, delivered a compelling keynote on the "5 W’s and one H," encouraging the young girls to explore the fundamental questions of Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How in their journey towards personal and professional growth.

"We are thrilled by the enthusiastic participation and positive feedback from the girls at Achimota Senior High School," said Eno Akomea. "Our goal is to empower young women with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate their futures confidently”. 

At the end of the session, 100 pieces of customized Journals + Planners were distributed to the participants, and they were taken through how to use them. 

The "Girl on a Mission" event exemplifies Sista’s Watch's commitment to fostering leadership and personal development among young girls, preparing them to become confident and capable individuals in their communities.

source: Theannouncergh.com