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The ambulances are tailor-made to the specification of government - Jakpa to court

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9 days ago
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In the ongoing legal case concerning the procurement of ambulances, Richard Jakpa, the third accused person, has emphasised that the ambulances were specifically designed to meet the government's detailed specifications.

According to Jakpa, Big Sea Limited, the company responsible for delivering the ambulances, ensured that every aspect of the vehicles was tailored to the precise requirements set forth by the government.

Mr Jakpa highlighted that the customization of the ambulances was an extensive process, involving significant resources and expertise.

He stressed that Big Sea Limited went to great lengths to align with the government's specifications, ensuring that the ambulances would be fully equipped to serve the needs of the healthcare system effectively.

This included specialized medical equipment, advanced communication systems, and enhanced safety features.

Despite these efforts, Mr Jakpa pointed out that the government’s failure to clear the ambulances upon delivery has resulted in substantial financial losses for Big Sea Limited.

He argued that the delays and lack of support from the government have placed an undue burden on the company, which had already invested heavily in meeting the stringent specifications.

Mr Jakpa urged that the government's inaction should not overshadow the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality, tailor-made ambulances.

Furthermore, Jakpa addressed allegations of financial misconduct, specifically rejecting claims that he received 50% of the contract sum.

He stated unequivocally that these accusations were unfounded and detracted from the real issue at hand: the government’s failure to fulfill its contractual obligations.

Mr Jakpa maintained that the focus should remain on ensuring accountability and resolving the logistical challenges that have impeded the successful deployment of the ambulances.

source: Theannouncergh.com