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Olu Jacobs is not dead - Family debunks rumours


16 days ago
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Betty Irabor, the founder of Genevieve Magazine, has firmly debunked rumours of Nollywood veteran Olu Jacobs’ demise.

Speculations surfaced online suggesting that the 81-year-old actor had passed away on Sunday, amidst reports of his ongoing battle with dementia.

Taking to Twitter, Betty Irabor addressed the misinformation, stating, “Olu Jacobs is well and alive. Please ignore all rumours of his passing.”

Her statement swiftly reassured fans and well-wishers who were concerned about the acclaimed actor’s health.

Further corroborating the clarification, Jacobs’ family has released a video affirming his current state of health, aiming to quash any lingering doubts among the public.

Olu Jacobs, known for his illustrious career spanning decades in the Nigerian film industry, remains an icon revered for his memorable roles and contributions to African cinema. His continued presence serves as a beacon of hope and resilience for his fans worldwide.

As the news of his false death rumors settles, the public can rest assured that Olu Jacobs continues to live, inspiring generations with his remarkable talent and enduring spirit.

source: Theannouncergh.com