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AG/Jakpa tape: AG impressed upon me to adopt his theory - Jakpa insists


14 days ago
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In a recent development in the ongoing trial, the third accused person, Richard Jakpa, has insisted that the Attorney General (AG) pressured him to adopt a specific theory during the prosecution to make his case.

Mr Jakpa claimed that the AG was adamant about framing the narrative in a way that supported their case, rather than presenting an impartial view.

He stated that the AG's theory was not only suggested but strongly impressed upon him.

He emphasized that he felt coerced into aligning his testimony with the AG's perspective, which he believed compromised the integrity of the investigation.

This assertion has added a new dimension to the trial, raising questions about the fairness and objectivity of the prosecution's approach.

The tape recording of Jakpa's conversation with the AG, which was played in court, revealed the extent of the pressure exerted on him.

In the recording, the AG can be heard urging Mr Jakpa to adopt a particular stance, which the accused now claims was intended to manipulate the outcome of the trial.

Jakpa's insistence on the AG's undue influence has prompted calls for a thorough review of the prosecution's methods.

source: Theannouncergh.com