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Massive transformation for Bekwai as NPP candidate Lawyer Ralph Poku-Adusei rolls out his vision


14 days ago
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Lawyer Ralph Poku-Adusei, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Candidate for the Bekwai Constituency, has unveiled his ambitious vision for the area, promising transformative development and progress.

All these activities are setting the tone for the official grand launch of NPP Bekwai 2024 campaign launch.

He has initiated his campaign through a series of community visits aimed at engaging local leaders and residents.

His initial stops included Krokotro, Subriso, Edwenase, Aboaso, and Oduamse, where he met with Chiefs, Unit Committee members, Assembly members, and community members.

At Edwenase, he commissioned a water project to improve access to water in the community.

Lawyer Poku-Adusei's campaign is off to a strong start, and he continues to visit communities across the constituency, spreading his message of hope and development.

During these visits, Lawyer Poku-Adusei introduced himself as the NPP PC, fostered relationships with the communities, and listened to their concerns.

He identified specific issues affecting each community and offered solutions, demonstrating his commitment to understanding and addressing the needs of the constituency.

Additionally, Lawyer Poku-Adusei shared the policies of the NPP and his personal vision for the constituency's development.

He highlighted his numerous projects and interventions, including the "Water for Life" project, which aims to provide clean water to thousands in the constituency.

Even though he is not yet an MP, Lawyer Poku-Adusei has shown dedication to the constituency through his various initiatives. His campaign promises to build on this foundation, bringing more development and progress to Bekwai.

Community members were impressed with Lawyer Poku-Adusei's engagement and his willingness to listen and help. They expressed appreciation for his initiatives and pledged support for his campaign.

Addressing a large gathering that included Traditional Leaders, Assembly members, Unit Committees, and Party supporters, Poku-Adusei declared, “My vision for Bekwai Constituency is unprecedented. I promise to bring development to every corner of our beloved constituency.

We will build schools and healthcare facilities. We will empower our youth. We will make Bekwai Constituency a model for Ghana.”

He reaffirmed his commitment to improving the constituency’s infrastructure, highlighting plans to enhance roads and other critical amenities.

Lawyer Poku-Adusei’s campaign officially kicked off with visits to traditional leaders in Kokotro, Subriso, Edwenase, and Aboaso Odumase, where he was formally introduced as the NPP candidate.

His vision and dedication were well-received, with many praising his leadership and commitment to the area’s development.

The Chiefs expressed their appreciation for Poku-Adusei's efforts. One Chief remarked, “You are demonstrating good and visionary leadership, and we are grateful for your efforts.

Your commitment to improving our lives is evident in the various projects you have undertaken, and we applaud you for that. It’s our hope you win the main elections so you can do more.”

The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm as supporters cheered and waved NPP flags and banners, signaling their strong support for Poku-Adusei.

During the event, Poku-Adusei urged party members to remain united and focused on their goal of winning the upcoming elections.

Speaking at Aboaso Odumase, he emphasized, “Our strength is unity. We must stand together and work towards our common goal of victory in the elections. We must not allow ourselves to be divided by petty squabbles and internal apathy.”

He also lauded the NPP's achievements in the constituency, encouraging members to build on these successes to ensure the party retains its seat and supports their presidential candidate, Dr. Bawumia, to win the presidency.

The event concluded with a pledge of unity and commitment from party members, who vowed to work together for a victorious outcome in the elections.

The NPP Constituency Chairman, Mr. Arkon, also addressed the gathering, urging loyalty and dedication to the party’s cause.

This gathering was seen as a powerful demonstration of strength and unity within the NPP in the Bekwai Constituency, showcasing their collective dedication to continued development and success.

source: Theannouncergh.com