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FIVE years on: Ebony’s father’s body shook, screamed out of pain at cemetery


1 years ago
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A visit to the late Ebony Reigns’ grave triggered all sorts of emotions from family members, particularly her father.


Ebony’s father who is still inconsolable after five years of losing his child, couldn’t help but let out the pain he had harbored all this while.


In a bid to mark the fifth anniversary of the late dancehall singer’s death, her family, led by her parents, thronged the Osu cemetery on February 8, 2023, to pay a visit to the deceased’s tombstone.


They laid wreaths, said a prayer, and took turns to deliver a message about their beloved.


Ebony’s father, who appeared to be wallowing in intense pain was short of words halfway through his speech.


A ‘grief-stricken’ Mr. Kwarteng, struggled with words as he resorted to communicating with sign language. 


He cried out of pain while his entire body shook and this prompted Ebony’s mother and brother to quickly move and console him.


The late Ebony’s strong relationship with father


Prior to Ebony’s death, Ghanaians witnessed the strong bond that existed between the late singer and her father.


The late Ebony’s father supported her daughter by every means possible to the extent he featured in one of her music videos, (Sponsor).


One can recall, that the rapport that existed between them, particularly during the ‘Sponsor’ music video, sparked dating rumours until reports were clarified that the ‘man in question’ was Ebony’s father.



Ebony’s death


The late Pricilla Opoku Kwarteng, popularly known as Ebony Reigns, died on February 8, 2018. 


Ebony who was returning from Sunyani after a visit to her mother was involved in a car accident and reportedly died on arrival at the Bechem Government Hospital.

source: Ghanaweb.com