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Ghana's PPP Model lauded by Nigerian waste managers as transformational tool for waste management in West Africa

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24 days ago
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Lagos State Waste Managers of Nigeria (LWAMN) have expressed keen interest in adopting Ghana's innovative public-private partnership (PPP) model to address the pressing challenge of waste management. 

During a recent interaction with officials from the Kumasi Composting and Recycling Plant (KCARP), Mr. Olugbenga Adebola, LWAMN's national president, emphasized the pivotal role of collaboration and knowledge exchange in tackling environmental issues across African cities.

Mr. Adebola underscored the importance of creating an enabling environment for private sector participation, noting that effective waste management is crucial in densely populated areas like Lagos. 

He commended Ghana's Jospong Group for pioneering advancements in waste management and expressed eagerness to replicate similar successes in Nigeria.

Engineer Samuel Ntumy, General Manager of KCARP, showcased the facility's impressive capabilities as West Africa's largest waste treatment plant. Operating since its inception five years ago, KCARP handles up to 2400 tons of waste daily and processes 1000 cubic meters of wastewater, significantly benefiting the Ashanti Region's three million residents.

Ing. Sena Tengey, Managing Director of the Kumasi Medical Waste Treatment Facility, highlighted the facility's vital role in managing medical waste from healthcare facilities across four regions. 

With a capacity to process 20,000 kilograms of medical waste every 8 hours, the facility exemplifies sustainable waste management practices in the region.

The visit by LWAMN representatives follows a memorandum of understanding signed between the Jospong Group and the Lagos State Government earlier this year, indicating a promising collaboration towards enhancing waste management efficiency in Nigeria.

The shared vision between Ghana and Nigeria reflects a regional commitment to innovative waste management solutions, paving the way for sustainable development and environmental stewardship across West Africa.

source: Theannouncergh.com