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Election 2024: We are taking back all the seats in the Eastern Corridor - Fmr GCB Bank MD declares


26 days ago
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A former Managing Director of GCB Bank, Ernest Agbesi, has said that as the country enters another crucial electioneering period, people should be guided by the fact that no one wants to die just to elect someone.

Speaking to the media after he led a team on behalf of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to donate 15 motorbikes (the second batch in a series) to all the 9 orphan constituencies of the party in the Eastern Corridor of Ghana, Agbesi said that while Ghana is a peaceful country, should anyone foment trouble, they will be squarely matched.

He also expressed great confidence that the NDC will win back all the seats within the northern parts of Ghana that they lost during the 2020 general elections, adding that the current realities will go against the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“Ghana is a peaceful country so I don’t think we need people to come and be telling us or preaching peace to us. Nobody wants to die because of elections so I believe, personally, that there’s not going to be any problem but as a party, like our leaders are saying, we are prepared for peace but if they bring violence too, I think our people are ready for it.

“As for the Eastern corridor, we are taking it back because it is our traditional seats. Some places, they used money but Ghanaians have realised that if they give you money today and you spend, before the next four years, you are going to be suffering. So, we are wide awake now. I don’t think anybody will go and collect money to sell his vote out. No. the reality is on the ground and people are seeing it. So, we are taking back the Eastern Corridor from Kpandai to Zagzugu Tatale, to Gushegu Karaga, Bunkurugu Yunyo, we are taking all because they are our seats,” he stated.  

Speaking on behalf of all the other constituencies, during the presentation of the motorbikes at Yendi, Abukari Dawumi, the Member of Parliament for Wulensi, expressed gratitude to Ernest Agbesi and the team for the generous donation.

He explained that with these motorbikes, it will be much easier to mobilise people ahead of the December polls and to ensure that people come out to vote for the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

“I’d like to thank Chief Agbesi and the team for intervening in this matter to support our constituencies to be able to carry out their work responsibly. Even though my constituency is not an orphan constituency, but I think that an intervention such as this one will help us to mobilise our members to come out and vote for the NDC to actually carry the day on December 7th. Our constituency happens to be one of the difficult constituencies where one election, one political party wins and another election, another political party wins but this time around, we intend to make history by making sure that this time around, the NDC becomes the first party to win the seat two terms consecutively.

“And I think that the provision of motorbikes to support in our campaign will facilitate our chances of winning in the 2024 general elections for both the president and the parliamentary candidate. So, we can’t thank Chief Agbesi and the team enough for this wonderful intervention,” he said.  

Ali Adolf, NDC Northern Regional Chairman, also indicated that the party is hungry for power and will do all that is legally possible to win it.

“With the registration over here, we gave it every attention. It's nothing less than 90%. We gave it the attention that it required. We are very hungry for power. So, we took the pain to ensure that at least we sensitise the people and those who have attained the age of 18 got themselves registered.

“If you don't have voters, you cannot talk about getting power. And so, we did a lot of sensitisation to let people come out to register. We are now assured that victory will come for sure,” he said.

The NDC is looking for a comeback to political power in the December 2024 general elections, with its leader, John Dramani Mahama, hopeful of becoming president of Ghana again for his last four-year term.

source: Theannouncergh.com