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Ambulance Case: “I told Justice Kulendi that AG is evil and lacks character” - Angry Jakpa tells court


27 days ago
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In a dramatic turn of events during the ongoing ambulance procurement trial, Richard Jakpa, the third accused, told the court that he had described the Attorney-General, Godfred Dame, as "evil and lacking character" in a conversation with Supreme Court Justice Yonny Kulendi.

Mr Jakpa made this revelation while testifying at the High Court in Accra on Thursday, June 20.

The businessman, visibly agitated, recounted how he had confided in Justice Kulendi about his frustrations with the Attorney-General's conduct.

He asserted that his interactions with Dame had been marked by what he perceived as malicious intent and a lack of ethical standards.

According to Mr Jakpa, these concerns led him to seek advice and support from Justice Kulendi, whom he trusted.

The court learned that Jakpa had approached Justice Kulendi out of desperation, hoping to find a resolution to what he described as the Attorney-General's capricious use of power against him.

Mr Jakpa emphasised that his remarks about Dame's character were born out of a deep sense of injustice and a belief that the prosecution against him was driven by personal vendettas rather than legitimate legal grounds.

During cross-examination, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Yvonne Atakora Obuobisa, questioned Jakpa's motives and the appropriateness of his actions. She suggested that Mr Jakpa's decision to bypass his legal counsel and directly approach a Supreme Court Justice underscored the unusual nature of his defense strategy.

Mr Jakpa defended his actions, reiterating his belief that the Attorney-General's behavior warranted direct intervention and that he had acted out of a sense of urgency.

Justice Afia Serwaa Asare-Botwe, presiding over the trial, noted the gravity of Jakpa's allegations and indicated that the court would consider these claims as it deliberated on the case.

The trial, which has already seen a series of contentious exchanges and revelations, continues to captivate public attention, with the court's ultimate decision holding significant implications for all parties involved.

source: Theannouncergh.com