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'AG chose to meet with me at Justice Yonny Kulendi's house because he felt comfortable' - Jakpa


Richard Jakpa

27 days ago
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The third accused in the ongoing ambulance procurement trial, Richard Jakpa, has revealed in court that Attorney-General Godfred Dame chose to meet him at Supreme Court Judge Justice Yonny Kulendi's house because he felt comfortable in that setting.

Mr Jakpa made this statement during his testimony on Thursday, June 20, adding another layer of intrigue to the high-profile case.

According to Mr Jakpa, the meeting took place at the residence of Supreme Court Judge Justice Yonny Kulendi, who is also his cousin.

The businessman explained that the Attorney-General preferred this location for their discussions, as it provided a familiar and secure environment.

Mr Jakpa disclosed that the purpose of the meeting was to introduce himself to the attorney general before the trial began.

He acknowledged that he obtained Mr Dame's contact information through Justice Kulendi, facilitating their communication.

During cross-examination, Jakpa also addressed the issue of WhatsApp messages exchanged between him and the Attorney-General, claiming that the submitted messages were not in their original form and had been tampered with.

He argued that the alterations misrepresented his communications, further complicating the trial.

The court had earlier admitted 68 WhatsApp messages as evidence, with the presiding judge, Justice Afia Serwaa Asare Botwe, noting that the court reserves the right to determine the weight of this evidence.

source: Theannouncergh.com