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WPRD Festival 2024: Samsung facilitates GMA-WiPR AI MasterLAB for PR women

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23 days ago
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Global Media Alliance (GMA), a leading communications agency, in partnership with Women in PR Ghana (WiPR-Ghana) and Samsung, has held an interactive masterclass on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for women Public Relations practitioners. 

This forms part of activities marking this year’s World Public Relations Day Festival (WPRD Festival).

Held at Buro Workspace in Accra, the masterclass empowered over 40 participants by providing a comprehensive education on key areas of AI such as the Ethical Use of AI, AI Tools for PR Practitioners, and Generative AI.

The training also gave an overview of AI technologies, AI’s application to crisis management, and its role in enhanced communication strategies. Key facilitators were Chief Executive Officer of rAIma Rashida Musa; Philip Kofi Ashon, Communications and Digital Expert; and Kobby Spiky Nkrumah, Group Head of EIB Digital.

Philip Ashon dedicated a significant portion of his lectures to ethical considerations of using AI in public relations. He discussed the importance of transparency, data privacy, and the need to avoid biases in AI algorithms.

Mr Ashon took participants through ways in which they can adopt ethical guidelines and best practices in using AI in their field of work.  

Kobby Nkrumah highlighted how AI technologies are transforming crisis management in public relations. He educated attendees on analytic tools that can predict potential PR crises by analyzing social media trends and sentiments.

He emphasized how PR professionals can generate content using AI and the significance of prompt engineering for AI. Key elements of effective prompts, Kobby Nkrumah said, include clarity, context, and specificity, ensuring the AI produces relevant and high-quality content.

Chief Executive Officer of rAIma, Rashida Musa provided an in-depth look at various AI tools that are enhancing communication in public relations. Some of the tools highlighted were AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants, which provide instant customer service and engagement, ensuring 24/7 communication capabilities.

Rashida Musa mentioned and discussed how automated AI content-generated platforms can enhance the work of PR practitioners in the areas of communication strategies, presentations, infographics, and press releases amongst others while saving time and ensuring consistency in messaging.

Rashida also spoke about AI prompt essentials, emphasizing the importance of crafting clear and contextually rich prompts to achieve desired outcomes.
In her welcoming remarks, the Chief Director of Global Media Alliance, Ms. Emma Wenani underscored the importance of equipping women in PR with cutting-edge tools and knowledge.

She stated: “The integration of AI into public relations is not just a technological advancement; it's a paradigm shift that PR professionals have embraced.”

“By leveraging AI, we can foresee challenges, communicate more effectively, and uphold the highest ethical standards. This masterclass is a testament to our commitment to empowering women in PR to lead this transformation. We are very proud that together with Women in PR and Samsung Ghana, we are shaping the future of our industry," said Emma Wenani.

On her part, the Head of Events at WiPR-Ghana, Edinam Adjei-Sika, expressed satisfaction and elation at the successful AI Masterclass for women in PR.  
“The AI Masterclass for Women in Public Relations was an outstanding success, providing attendees with valuable insights and practical tools to enhance their professional capabilities.”

According to Edinam, as AI continues to evolve, such initiatives are crucial in ensuring that PR professionals are well-equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of modern communication. “At Women in PR, we are committed to creating and supporting initiatives that promote the professional development of women in PR, and no doubt this masterclass has contributed to our organization’s objective. We wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Global Media Alliance for partnering with us and we look forward to more opportunities to partner for a positive impact.”

Headline sponsors of the event Samsung underscored the relevance of AI in improving the lives of people as well as Samsung’s commitment to impacting lives through AI.

“We're thrilled to sponsor an event that empowers women, aligning with our mission to make a positive impact on people's lives. Our latest flagship, the Galaxy S24, is a testament to this commitment, harnessing the power of AI to simplify and enhance daily life,” said Tracy Kyei, Head of Marketing at Samsung.

Michael Kwadade-Cudjoe, Retail Lead & Mobile Testing Engineer, and Ishmael Leo Al-Hassan, Master Trainer at Samsung Ghana showcased how Galaxy AI, equipped with cutting-edge features such as Live Translate, is revolutionizing the way individuals communicate globally, transcending language barriers, and fostering seamless connections.

The World Public Relations Day Festival is a series of events held to bring PR professionals together to have a unified global agenda towards making the world understand and utilize PR better.

This year's festival features a series of events including slush events, masterclass programmes, virtual thought leadership sessions, an industry mixer, and the main summit. The Festival touches on key areas such as Sustainability PR, Storytelling, Arts, Artificial Intelligence, Tourism, and Political Communication.

With a special focus on AI and Sustainability PR, this year’s festival will explore the impact of AI and Sustainability in shaping communication strategies for brands, organisations, and individuals.

source: Theannouncergh.com