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‘Dr Bawumia is a problem solver and visionary’ - Kwabena Frimpong


29 days ago
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The deputy protocol director of the governing New Patriotic Party(NPP), Mr Kwabena Frimpong has stated that Dr Mahamadu Bawumia is a problem solver and visionary leader Ghana needs as President because he possesses the unique qualities of a leader. Dr Bawumia is a generational thinker with innovative ideas which has addressed most of the country's challenges digitally and physically.

Mr Frimpong said " Dr Bawumia has demonstrated his problem-solving capabilities through very impactful policies like when he identified most districts or constituency were not having Ambulances to carry Sick/Emergency Patients to hospitals or referrals, he made sure every constituency had an ambulance service which has led to the improvements in number of Emergency Nurses trained and are working with the Ambulance Services. 

Again, the Drone Essentials Medical delivery is another top-notch policy which together with Ambulance Services has saved a lot of lives across the country. Gold for oil policy which reduced the escalated prices of Fuel in Ghana."

"Also Due to Dr Bawumia being a visionary leader due to Mobile Money Interoperability introduction, Western Union has become a thing of the past as well as sending mobile money across different networks and from bank to your Momo numbers"

Mr Frimpong outlined several policies and projects which has solved general problems championed by Dr Mahamadu Bawumia including the Digital National Identity system, National property address system, digitalization of public services to promote efficiency and reduce corruption( Tema Port, ECG, Passport Office, DVLA, et al), Over 300 Ambulances to all Constituencies, etc.

"Although Dr. Bawumia has never served as President before his signature projects are there for everyone to see and has demonstrated in his capacity as a leader who has solved generational problems for sustainable development".

Drawing comparisons between Dr. Bawumia and John Mahama, he claimed that Bawumia is more suitable for the presidency than Mahama because of Dr Bawumia's track record, competence and visions.

"Unlike John Mahama who told Ghanaian youth that he is not a magician to create jobs for them, he can't solve Dumsor because Ghanaians have bought many Phones, if striking Doctors don't return to work they are going to Cuba to bring Doctors to replace them, He has developed a dead goat syndrome so Ghanaians can complain, etc but Dr Bawumia has found the antidote to problems which is the difference between the two."

Mr Frimpong noted that Former President Mahama couldn't find antidotes to problems which engulfed his administration as President especially youth unemployment, Corruption, Arrogance, Abuse of Power, 4yrs Dumsor, etc

He concluded that economically, the data shows that during this 4th Republic, Mahama's tenure was the weakest in Ghana's history.

source: Theannouncergh.com