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Demonstrate sincerity and stop the deceitful life - Bright Botchway challenges Dr. Bawumia on E-Levy


Bright Botchway

24 days ago
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During his visit to traders and artisans affected by flooding in Gomoa Manpong together with him is the revered member of Parliament, Gomoa East, Hon Desmond Paitoo, Bright Botchway, the National Deputy Director of the Traders and Artisans Network-NDC issued a strong statement directed at Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia regarding his promise to cancel the e-levy. 

Botchway, a notable figure in Ghanaian politics and entrepreneurship, emphasized the need for Dr Bawumia to demonstrate sincerity and uphold his commitment.

Botchway asserted, "Ghanaian entrepreneurs will lose trust in Bawumia if he continues to mislead them about cancelling the e-levy.I challenge Bawumia to cancel the e-levy now if he genuinely intends to support his campaign." 

This challenge underscores the importance of tangible actions over promises, particularly regarding economic policies that significantly impact the business community.

He emphasized that if Bawumia is serious about abolishing the e-levy, he should take immediate steps to do so, thereby proving his commitment to easing the financial burden on Ghanaians. Such a move would not only bolster his credibility but also potentially gain substantial support from voters, particularly those in the business sector.

Botchway's call to action reflects a broader sentiment among many Ghanaians who are wary of political promises that lack concrete actions. As the 2024 elections approach, economic policies, particularly those affecting taxation and business operations, will play a crucial role in shaping voter decisions.

In summary, Bright Botchway's challenge to Vice President Bawumia serves as a critical reminder for political leaders to align their campaign promises with real, impactful measures that directly benefit the populace. 

Botchway's stance underscores the need for politicians to deliver on their commitments to maintain the trust and support of the electorate. 

It is also noteworthy that the e-levy, as part of IMF conditions, must remain in place for three years, making its immediate cancellation impractical under the current agreement. 

Therefore, Bawumia's promise to cancel the e-levy may face challenges in implementation within the existing timeframe.

source: Theannouncergh.com