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The ambulances that were shipped to Ghana were under warranty, and not supposed to be used - Jakpa tells court

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1 months ago
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The third accused in the ongoing ambulance case, Richard Jakpa, has testified in court that the ambulances shipped to Ghana were under warranty and were not intended for immediate use.

Mr Jakpa made this statement on Thursday, June 13, during his cross-examination by the legal team representing Dr Cassiel Ato Forson, the first accused in the case.

Jakpa explained that the ambulances were part of a shipment covered by a comprehensive warranty agreement.

He emphasised that the warranty stipulated specific conditions, including requiring the vehicles to undergo thorough inspections and necessary adjustments before being deployed for use.

This was to ensure the ambulances met all operational standards and safety requirements.

He further detailed that the warranty agreement was known to the relevant authorities in Ghana, who were responsible for overseeing the inspection and commissioning process.

MrJakpa indicated that there were clear instructions that the ambulances should not be used until these procedures were completed.

This, he suggested, was a standard protocol for such deliveries to ensure the ambulance was fully functional and safe.

During his testimony, Mr Jakpa also addressed concerns raised about the readiness and condition of the ambulances upon their arrival. He stated that any premature use of the ambulances would have violated the warranty terms and potentially compromised their effectiveness.

He stressed that adherence to the warranty terms was crucial for maintaining the integrity and reliability of the ambulances.

source: Theannouncergh.com