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How Ghana's first-ever photographer nearly lost his job with state-owned Daily Graphic

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James Barnor

17 days ago
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A pioneering figure in the history of the country’s photography industry, James Barnor has shared his experience working as a photojournalist in a state-owned news outlet.

Mr Barnor, who worked as the first photojournalist for the Daily Graphic newspaper, recounted how he almost lost his job on his first assignment as a staff of the Daily Graphic. 

“I remember something. I went to cover games at the Race Course and I was so into the game that I forgot I was there to work." He recounted. 

According to him, a colleague journalist who is now of a blessed memory saved his job.

"I was there with another staff who was a reporter or so and after a while, he came to me asking, have you taken any pictures? You know, before I realised I was at work, I'd forgotten that I had to take pictures.” 

“If he hadn't prompted me, perhaps I would have gone home without a picture. His name was Mr Saki, he later became the chief editor of GBC News, he is late,” he told Graphic Online in an interview. 

James Barnor (middle), Ghana’s First Photojounalist, explaining the concept behind one of his works.

source: Theannouncergh.com