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Edmund Kyei writes: I plead with Ghanaian youth to have faith and vote massively for Dr. Bawumia


12 days ago
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Ghana began its Democratic Governance in 1992 and has brought five(5) Vice Presidents, which makes Dr Mahamudu Bawumia the 5th Vice President of the Republic of Ghana.

The Vice President has had a track record of just being the second in command after the President and always relying on the achievements of the President and Government without having any national policy or program attributed to the Vice President. H.E. Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has shown to be a record breaker of having many policies and programs to his credit and vice president of the Republic of Ghana.
The vice president has many achievements to himself aside from the general government policies and programs.

Today, many Ghanaians are saved from the stress of queuing in long queues just to transfer mobile money from their network to different networks, today an MTN user can send mobile money to any other network through his or her MTN network same as other network users can also do. T

The Ghana card identification for all Ghanaians is one great achievement the Vice President can always boast of. Getting access to medical products to hospital for patients has become so easy through the introduction of the Zipline drones, which transport these to hospitals at a speed to avoid any reliance.

Agenda 111, which seeks to build hundred and eleven(111) hospitals in districts across the country.

This has made access to medical attention easier than the old ways of travelling for long to seek medical attention.

The Zongo development fund has lifted the face of Zongo communities with many facilities and developmental projects.

The Go Taxi Ride program is also an intervention from the Vice President, which has tackled and slowed the unemployment rate by providing affordable vehicles to many Ghanaians who use them for commercial purposes.

The Vice President of the Republic of Ghana has shown to be up to task and trustworthy.

I plead with Ghanaian youth to have faith in him and hand over the steering wheel of this country into his hands as he has only pleaded for.

I am confident that he will deliver and make Ghana prosperous.

Edmund Kyei

Former NPP Asokwa PC aspirant

Member of NPP National Communications Team


source: Edmund Kyei