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We have maintained a respectful relationship despite divorce - Kevin-Prince Boateng's ex wife


13 days ago
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Melissa Satta, the ex-wife of former football star Kevin-Prince Boateng, has shared insights into their close and respectful relationship despite their divorce.

The former AC Milan and Barcelona player and Satta separated in December 2020 after four years of marriage, but have since maintained a strong bond for the sake of their son, Maddox.

"Kevin and I have decided to always put Maddox's well-being first," Satta revealed. “We have worked hard to maintain a respectful and collaborative relationship, and it has made a big difference in our son's life.”

Satta emphasised the importance of maturity and mutual understanding in navigating their post-divorce relationship. "It wasn't easy, but we always tried to communicate in an open and honest way. This allowed us to overcome difficulties and build a new form of family."

Echoing her sentiments, Boateng expressed his admiration and respect for Satta. "Melissa is an amazing mother and a wonderful person. I'm grateful for the way we supported each other for Maddox's sake," he said.

Meanwhile, Kevin-Prince Boateng announced his retirement from professional football in August 2023, concluding an illustrious career that saw him play for top clubs across Europe and make significant contributions to the sport.

Despite going their separate ways, the former couple's commitment to co-parenting Maddox has fostered a positive environment, showcasing their dedication to his well-being and their ability to maintain a harmonious relationship post-divorce.

source: Ghanasoccernet