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Bawumia can't be trusted as president - Benjamin Quashie


19 days ago
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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Council of Elders Chairman for South Africa has challenged Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia's position on fixing the economy when elected as President of Ghana.

He contended that the Veep currently is the head of the Economic Management Team that has superintended over the free fall of the cedi and cannot promise otherwise.

In an interview with Nana Otu Darko on 'Eda Mu Fua' on Accra 100.5 FM, Saturday, June 1, 2024, Mr. Quashie averred that the Vice President is in government and cannot behave like an opposition leader who wants to wrestle power to form the next government. He adds, for the Vice President to be going round convincing Ghanaians of having the knowledge and skill to curtail the free fall of the cedi is a facade.

Touching on labour issues with regards to the Veep's promise, the NDC SA Council Chair noted that it is very reprehensible for a sitting vice-president to be promising labour of his ability to help them fix their challenges when he annexes the presidency. 

"The current Vice-president we have is an apology. A Vice-president who thinks that politics is about being comical, a Vice-president who thinks Ghanaians are dumb and when we see white, he can tell us it is red and we would find nothing wrong with it, that is the kind of Veep we have", he stated.

Steming from these observations, according to Mr. Quashie, it is the reason why John Mahama doesn't respond to the Veep again emphasising that, governance is a serious business and not about textbook theories and lectures. 

"This Vice-president said any and everything theoretical about how to handle the economy. Didn't he say he was going to arrest the dollar and hand the key to the IGP? That is the kind of comical Vice-president we have", stressed Mr. Quashie.

It was the considered opinion of the SA NDC Council of Elders Chair that, the Veep has been very inconsistent about anything he found of merit during the NDC era, and when he's confronted with the 170 questions which he put to late Amissah Arthur, he chickens out. "What kind of a man is this?", he quizzed, highlighting that, "he lacks credibility and zero principles to lead our motherland", stated Mr Quashie.

In addressing the mate/driver analogy of the Veep, he said if the driver refuses to teach the mate how to drive, it would be very impossible for the mate to drive, even if the car is handed over to him. 

Conversely, President Mahama had on some occasions told Ghanaians the kind of latitude Prez Mills gave when he deputised him making him a better fit to lead the country than a mate who has not been taught how to drive.

"Did you ever hear Pres Mahama say he was the mate? How can you be the mate when you're the head of the Economic Management Team? Every country is run on the economy ... when you're handed such an important position in a country, you cannot say you're the mate", underscored the NDC SA Council Chair.

source: Theannouncergh.com