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Archbishop Agyinasare in Paris for 2024 Explosion of Miracles, Healings, and Deliverance conference

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19 days ago
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Over the past five days, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare has been in Paris, France, for the 2024 Explosion of Miracles, Healings, and Deliverance, an event that has captivated thousands.

Hosted by the Impact Centre Chrétien (ICC) under the leadership of Apostle Yvan Castanou, the program took place at their impressive mega auditorium, drawing attendees from across the country eager to witness and experience the extraordinary move of God.

The renowned auditorium, celebrated for its modern facilities and grand architecture, was consistently packed to capacity.

The atmosphere was electric with anticipation as worshippers gathered for a transformative encounter with God.

The event featured fervent worship, powerful preaching, and an overwhelming sense of the Holy Spirit's presence, creating an environment reminiscent of the day of Pentecost.

From the outset, the tangible manifestation of God's power was evident. Testimonies of miraculous healings emerged almost immediately, with growths disappearing even before any prayers were made for the sick.

The deaf reported their ears opening to sound, the blind received their sight, and the mute found their voices.

The lame rose from their wheelchairs and walked, while countless others experienced relief from chronic pain and debilitating conditions. Miracles and healings also spread across other ICC branches worldwide connected online, reinforcing the message that God's power to heal and deliver is as potent today as in biblical times.

Archbishop Agyinasare’s ministry is known for its dynamic approach to evangelism and healing, and his visit to Paris was no exception. Through his impassioned sermons, he emphasized God's compassion, the importance of faith, the power of prayer, and the necessity of living a life dedicated to God.

His messages resonated deeply with attendees, many of whom gave their lives to Christ or expressed a renewed commitment to their faith and a desire to align more fully with God's will.

The impact of this event extended beyond physical healings and deliverances, sparking a spiritual awakening among attendees and their communities.

As people returned home and shared their experiences, reports of family salvations emerged. This Pentecostal invasion has not only shaken the spiritual foundations of France but also set the stage for a broader revival across the nation.

Archbishop Charles Agyinasare and his team continue to be at the forefront of this global movement, bearing witness to the transformative power of God and demonstrating unwavering faith and dedication to His call. To God be all the glory for the miraculous works witnessed in Paris.

The legacy of the 2024 Explosion of Miracles, Healing, and Deliverance will be remembered as a defining moment in the spiritual history of France, forever changing countless destinies.

source: Theannouncergh.com