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Lands Commission chairman appeals to Supreme Court to expedite cases on land boundaries

Local News

21 days ago
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The Central Regional Board Chairman of the Lands Commission has appealed to the Supreme Court to expedite cases on land boundaries in the Central Region, especially the Kasoa/Millennium City/Fetteh/Awutu enclave in the Central Region.

In an interview with UTV news on the proactive situation of the Lands Commission dealing with litigations tarnishing the image of the region.
Mr, Kwame Danso preyed on the effort of the Supreme Court to end cases before them relating to land boundaries resulting in disputes between clans and individuals.

He said the Lands Commission is ready to assist all persons in land issues in the Central Region because the NPP government has digitised the system effectively to avoid double sales of land which usually results in litigations.

He, therefore, urged all and sundry to register their lands with the Lands Commission to ascertain the rightful owners of the land to avoid double sales which is a major challenge in the region.

Finally, Mr, Kwame Danso hinted on the new Land Acts 2020 which support all land boundaries and will help to curb the land disputes in the country.

source: Theannouncergh.com