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Sammy Gyamfi writes on Ato Forson’s trial


22 days ago
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Folks don’t be surprised to see some planted stories in Pro-NPP newspapers tomorrow, that seek to preempt the damning evidence the NDC intends to put out this week, about the unprofessional and criminal conduct of Godfred Dame in the Ato Forson trial.

The dishonourable Attorney General and his advisors are currently in panic mode, gasping for breath. As we speak, they are in a meeting with Editors of some pro-NPP Newspapers, desperately planning on how they can preempt and create diversions to water down the effect of the bombshell looming over Dame’s head. 
Stories have been written and circulated among certain Pro-NPP newspapers to this effect.

Be on the lookout so that you don’t fall for their tricks. They are desperate and will attempt to deceive, deflect and put out half-truths and complete red herrings just to obfuscate the issues.

Stay tuned for the facts that the NDC will be putting out this week, which will expose the evil and desperate lengths, that the dishonourable AG and the government he represents, go to just to victimize political opponents for cheap political goal-scoring.

Dame’s cup is full. His day of reckoning is finally here. No amount of machinations can exculpate him from liability in this matter.

More to come……