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SHABACH 2024 conference ends with a call on women to leverage on spirituality and networking

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27 days ago
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In an atmosphere of serenity and with one accord to push women’s agenda forward, the 2024 SHABACH Women's Conference has come to a successful end with a call on women to leverage on networking and foster interconnectedness to aid their spiritual growth and development. 

The conference, organised by the Prayer Palace, is led by Dr. Annick Adjei and this year is the fifth edition of continuous programmes geared towards improving the well-being of women. The climax of the conference activities came to a crescendo on Sunday, 19th May, 2024 with various activities.

Dr. Annick Adjei noted that the overall vision was to empower our women, raise them as champions just like the men, highlighting that, this is something "our father, founder and general overseer of Prayer Palace has always insisted on over the years". 

Over the years, according to Dr. Adjei, they have used the conference platform to give women the opportunity to showcase their fields of trade, including discussions on family, marriage and relationships to holistically develop women’s capacity to survive in the 21st century.

Dr. Annick Adjei further hinted that as part of their care plan, they have provided financial support to their women's ministry, especially towards those God has blessed with kids and to those who have lost their loved ones.

"Charity has always been part of our DNA. We have made donations to orphanages and hospitals. We have also supported the needy at church over the years", emphasised Dr. Adjei. 

According to her, the plan for the future is to intensify "our panel sessions and invite prominent women in leadership to come and share their experiences with our women", reiterating, "Our ultimate vision for Shabach is to be both a spiritual convention and a networking hub where women can come and showcase their businesses with an exposition at the church", noted Dr. Adjei.

The conference, seeking to equip women with the requisite life skills to face the future, encouraged women to take advantage of the Breast Cancer Awareness month slated for October to go and examine their breasts to ascertain their status. 

The SHABACH Women's Conference solicited for items and donated them to orphanages to end the conference activities. 

"We visited Kingdom Dynamics Future Ghana in Kukurantumi to present our donations and support them in prayer”, she noted. 

“We would like to take this opportunity to ask anyone who is in charge of an orphanage and needs support to contact us", shared Dr. Annick. 

This year's conference brought together prominent people in ministry, including Rev. Mrs. Dora Tackie-Yarboi, Rev. Mrs. Rita Korankye Ankrah and Prophet Emmanuel Adjei, Founder, of Prayer Palace. 

Shâbach, a Hebrew word of praise, means to address in a loud tone, to shout, to commend, to glory, or to declare triumph. Literally, it means to raise a holy roar. 

The word is used sparsely in the Old Testament, a mere eleven times, but each time, it has a powerful effect.

source: Theannouncergh.com