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Absa Bank Ghana celebrates mothers with exclusive event

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1 months ago
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Absa Bank Ghana marked Mother’s Day with an intimate and engaging event this past week, part of its ongoing commitment to foster strong relationships with customers through empathy and personalized experiences.

The Mother’s Day event featured a breakfast and chat session with 30 female clients aged between 40-60 years. 

The attendees enjoyed a variety of activities, including wellness discussions, investment advice, and retirement planning sessions. 

The event aimed to provide these valued clients with a special moment of recognition and bonding with the bank.

In attendance was the Interim Managing Director of Absa Bank Ghana, Adolph Kpegah, who expressed gratitude to the gathered mothers and highlighted the bank’s emphasis on empathy in its business operations. 

“A bank only grows if its customers grow,” Mr Kpegah remarked. “You have already shown us so much support. Stick with us and grow with us,” he added, urging customers to continue providing valuable feedback to enhance the bank’s services.

The event featured insightful sessions led by notable speakers Ivy Dey, a Lead Specialist in Investment and Trading Sales at Absa Bank Ghana, provided valuable advice on investing and trading, highlighting key considerations and various investment instruments.

Additionally, Dr. Christelle Idoudou, a General Practitioner with Euracare Advanced Diagnostic and Heart Centre, conducted a session on wellness, emphasizing the importance of health and well-being.

Absa Bank Ghana’s repositioning as a brand that cares about people’s stories was a central theme of the event. The bank is committed to building mutually beneficial relationships and creating a receptive environment for clients to voice their needs and experiences.


source: Theannouncergh.com