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The battle of Umofia: Medikal vs MzGee; WHY CRUCIFY MAMAGA?


13 days ago
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MzGee asked a harmless question; Medikal chose violence and invited his bestie to join the unnecessary fray…y’all know who the bestie is…

MzGee is a journalist and the first assignment of a journalist is information-seeking; not a hype job! MzGee isn’t Medikal’s hype-woman, that’s OGee’s job.

A renowned novelist and scholar, George Orwell once said “Journalism is printing something that someone does not want printed; everything else is public relations”.

I’ve come to the realization that many people don’t understand journalism or media work, so nowadays I try to desist from engaging those ignoramuses. They confuse journalism with Public Relations.

I’ve also come to the realization that many people want the media to toll one line, forgetting the media deals and picks from angles. So, we all could be looking through the same lenses but report from different angles.

It only becomes a problem if the media is misrepresenting, misquoting, misleading and misdirecting but in Medikal’s case, he brought the fire on himself as he decided to hand over his family matters to the media and I can hardly understand why he thinks the media should be his puppet.

Now to the substantive case before the court of opinion:

Was Medikal right to launch missiles on MzGee and UTV management with his bestie topping it up with the indecent “WMT” comments that flooded his commentaries about the incident?

Did MzGee ask an infuriating question targeted at diverting attention from the Medikal historic 02 indigo feat?


Medikal should cool down and not continue his march on the path he has decided to take.

Was insulting the management of UTV and MzGee, using the “WMT” slogan, a tactful thing to do as an artiste who wants to be revered for his craft?

I leave it to those who want to sound wise to think about it but as for me who is nowhere close to the wisdom of Medikal, my response is a big fat NO!

That was an awkward public act that one day Medikal will look back and wished he could retract but internet never forgets!!

What MzGee asked was journalistically correct as the party that brought his private life into the public domain was Medikal himself who chose to tell of his divorce (whether a stunt or not) and repeated it at his enviable concert when he branded himself as single and ready to mingle with a woman who he happily directed to his room 104.

So, na who cause am? Is it the sleeping lion or the antelope who decided to use the lion’s mouth as his dwelling place?

Now, MzGee’s interview guide was in different phases. As astute as she is, she began with focusing on Medikal’s remarkable achievement in London (O2 indigo), then proceeded to showering praises on him and his load of artistes, then went ahead to chip in his confusing “ex-wife” matters but this time, the question was different.

She asked IF (emphasis on “if”) Medikal had some encouraging words for his ex-wife who is about to premiere her movie as she had early on wished him the best in his concert but this is where Medikal decided to bite MzGee, I nearly said “chop MzGee” but realized it may sound and mean differently.

Tell me what is wrong with a journalist doing his/her job as a journalist by asking questions. A journalist asks questions and of course, admittedly, some questions are stupid but not a question that is giving you the opportunity to extend a goodwill message to an ex-wife you claim you’re still cool with.

Except the name Fella Makafui now upsets Medikal, he had no business insulting MzGee and management of UTV which includes Fadda Dickson and “high above” who have provided their media platform to promoting Medikal and the likes for years and probably the entire life of Despite Media.

We call something learn before you leap; Medikal should learn this quote.

And if the interviewee or the one being asked the question is uncomfortable with the barrage of questions, he/she (in this case – Medikal) had the choice of ignoring it or answering in a simple way by saying “I wish her all the best”.

What difference would it have made about the shine that the musician’s concert has added to him or would it have denigrated him in any way?

In fact, wouldn’t it have been a beautiful thing to many Ghanaians that two very adorable celebrities who were once married and now divorced could still wish themselves the best?

What paaaa would have happened to steal away from Medikal’s show if he had answered in the affirmative and what paaaa could have happened if he had exercised maturity after the interview by not resorting to the “WMT” mantra as a public figure who wants to build a positive image?

Why are you crucifying MzGee like she closed the gate to the O2 indigo in an attempt to sabotage the program?

Tell me when Medikal brought his ex-girlfriend, Sister Derby, on stage; didn’t he anticipate there will be talks about it and that that will become the highlight of the program?

Didn’t he do it for the clicks and talks? Didn’t he do that for Showbiz?

So, why turn around to act a victim to something you created yourself and fed with the aim of building controversies about you which are all part of the game? Ah well…maybe the insult is part of the game but you must choose your battles wisely.

As for fans and supporters, we have many who are fanfoolers and sycophants who will sing your praises all the time and keep encouraging you to misbehave but sɛ ɛte wani so aaaa, you will understand that many have been like you before but wish today they hadn’t attacked certain divine helpers.


In conclusion, Medikal should note that he doesn’t control the narrative when he decides to make his private matter a public concern.

Medikal should note that the media feeds on everything, hence whether positive or negative, it is how you react that will turn the situation in your favor.

Medikal should note that if he wants only A ratings, then he should avoid interviews or better pay to be asked questions he wants or have a well-arranged orientational questionnaire.

Lastly, on the side of Medikal, he should learn the behavior of the media and he will be fine but if he wants to follow his bestie and behave like his bestie, then he should be ready to dim his own light cos it is the brand you build for yourself that you will be associated with.

Even if we are to admit or agree to disagree that MzGee asked a “stupid question”, with an artiste who has chalked a major achievement as selling out the O2 indigo, what would be the wise thing to do?

The wise thing would be to manoeuvre around the question to make your concert remain the talk of the town but now what are we doing; discussing MzGee???

You have succeeded in diverting attention from you and your great feat to focusing on your insults and MzGee after a successful world program as Medikal concert sold-out! Good job!

Keep it up bro…you and your bestie are doing the most for your God and country!!

Look at Fella Makafui, what is she doing? She is granting media interviews but carefully answering questions, making sure she’s at the helm of affairs and that the attention will stay on her “Resonance” movie.

She is focused and well-composed, controlling the narrative for the media while her man is doing everything to take away his own shine.

Now to MzGee, these are all part of the job…sometimes the water will be hot; other times, the water will be cold. You need to know how to adjust yourself when it’s hot or cold. However, I believe MzGee isn’t perturbed by these little intimidations.

Finally, maka ma dwene; don’t come and insult me or else YOU GO COLLECT well well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


source: Ameyaw Adu Gyamfi