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Naana Jane embodies authority and authenticity - Joyce Bawah insists


26 days ago
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Former Deputy Transport Minister Joyce Bawah Mogtari has praised the National Democratic Congress (NDC)'s choice for running mate in the upcoming December 2024 elections.

According to her, Professor Naana Jane Opoku Agyeman is the ideal candidate given the current circumstances in the country.

In a press statement released on Tuesday, April 23, Madam Mogtari emphasised that Prof. Naana Jane embodies both authority and authenticity, making her an excellent fit for the role.

Mr Mahama’s Special Aide expressed confidence in John Dramani Mahama's decision to select Prof. Naana Jane as his running mate.

Sha highlighted the importance of Prof. Naana Jane's selection for the country's development, stating that there is no better person for the job. She emphasized the need for strong leadership, particularly in such crucial times.

As Mr. Mahama's Special Aide, Mogtari underscored that Prof. Naana Jane's selection sends a powerful message of empowerment and women representation.

She argued that having a woman in such a significant role is essential for advancing gender equality and fostering inclusive governance.

Addressing concerns that Prof. Naana Jane's selection might cost the party votes, Mogtari dismissed such criticisms, stating that they are unfounded.

She argued that Prof. Naana Jane's qualities and credentials speak for themselves, transcending any potential voter concerns.

Madam Mogtari concluded by reiterating her support for Prof. Naana Jane as the NDC's running mate, emphasizing the strength and depth of her candidacy.

“As rumours and whispers of political alliances swirl, John Dramani Mahama has chosen to renominate Naana Jane as his running mate for the upcoming election. Naana Jane embodies both authority and authenticity. She has credibility in a field often plagued by scepticism and suspicion.”

“Her record is impressive, and she exudes a refreshing air of confidence. She avoids divisive tendencies and instead focuses on the task at hand. In addition to her personal qualities, Naana Jane is a fierce advocate for the voiceless, especially women.”

“In a country where gender equality remains a distant dream for many, her rise to political prominence sends a powerful message of empowerment and representation. As the first female Vice Chancellor of a Ghanaian institution, she broke down many barriers, paving the way for many more,” an excerpt of the release stated.

source: Theannouncergh.com